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4 point insurance inspection in West Hills

If you have an older property and are going for the renewal of your house, or you are going to purchase old premises, there are chances that you will be asked to submit a 4 point insurance inspection in West Hills as a major part of the underwriting processWhat kind of electrical wiring your house has? If your homes have knob-tube wires, aluminum, or copper wiring, chances are high and it will not be insurable due to the risk of fire hazards. Faulty and old wires can cause nearly 90% of the residential fires and this is something that insurance companies took very seriously. If your house has such issues, it is crucial to set aside a budget for these upgrades. 

Do you have a central HVAC system in your home? Are there any signs of damage, defects, and leakages? What is the current situation of these units? Keep in mind that every insurance agency determined what considerations are acceptable while insuring older homes. However, it’s common to have central air, ventilation, and heat system that is unable for overall coverage of the home.


Plumbing is the most common cause of leakages and pipes, especially in older homes. Twin Oaks determine the types of pipes in your home and check their current condition. If your house has a polybutylene plumbing installation, chances are higher for the 4 point insurance inspection in West Hills as these plumbings are more pronged to burst. Twin Oaks will insure you at this stage but will exclude water damage caused by the flood damage. 

The roof is the centerpiece, shelter, and the security component of the house, so its age, material, and inspection are necessary by all means. Generally, if your house has 10 years old roof, you will probably decide for its reinstallation for better security, longevity, and reliability of your premises. 4 point insurance inspection in West Hills identifies the major areas that result in insurance claims. If a home or a part of the inspection causes failure, the inspection company will go over what necessary defects to be fixed replaced, and maintained to lessen deficiencies.

4 point insurance inspection in West Hills

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